Micron's “peel & stick” microarray technology is applied to the skin and allows for self-administration of pharmaceuticals by pressing a button. Vaccines and medicines are delivered within seconds to minutes.


Neither a Needle Nor a Patch

The needle-free technology is painless and overcomes or minimizes cumbersome logistical barriers to accessing traditionally injectable pharmaceuticals globally including refrigeration during transportation and storage, the need for patients to visit trained healthcare worker, needle phobia, as well as sharps waste disposal requirements.

Remove from carrier

Place on site

Press the button


Anytime, Anywhere Vaccines and Therapeutics


Because the microarray penetrates only the upper layers of skin, it does not reach the deeper nerve endings, which makes Micron’s microarray technology virtually painless.


Micron’s proprietary formulation and manufacturing processes have been shown to provide thermostability to therapeutics and vaccines thereby allowing for reduction or elimination of the cold chain.

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Micron’s dissolvable microarray technology is suitable for a wide range of active and inactive compounds and for rapid delivery or delivery over hours, days, weeks, or months.

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Delivery to the skin provides the potential for enhanced immunogenicity, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.

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Unlike a patch, Micron’s unique dissolvable microarray technology delivers pharmaceuticals quickly. Patients or their caregivers place the microarray on the skin, push the button, remove within seconds to minutes and dispose as non-sharps waste.

Simplified Logistics

Light-weight, durable and thermostable technology means that Micron products have the potential to greatly reduce shipping costs, minimize or eliminate the need for cold chain storage, eliminate sharps waste, and expand the possibilities of where medicine can go. 

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No Reconstitution

With the appropriate dose of each therapeutic or vaccine integrated into each microarray, Micron is eliminating the need for vials and for reconstitution.

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Reduced Waste

By eliminating the need for vials and syringes, Micron is greatly reducing medical waste