Micron Biomedical Presents at the White House Summit on the Future of COVID-19 Vaccines

July 26, 2022

Washington D.C., Tuesday, July 26th, 2022

Dr. Mark Prausnitz, co-founder and Chief Scientific Advisor of Micron Biomedical (“Micron”), today presented Micron’s technology for the simple administration of vaccines and therapeutics at a White House panel discussion titled Innovation in Vaccine Delivery chaired by Dr. Francis Collins. This summit outlined a path toward innovative, next-generation COVID-19 vaccines and vaccine delivery technologies, featuring leaders on the cutting-edge of research, discovery and development. Scientific leadership focused on the importance of vaccines in saving lives and protecting the economy. A new generation of vaccines has the potential to better prevent infections and to more broadly show efficacy against future viral variants. Simple and/or self-administration delivery technology, such as Micron’s, that doesn’t require intramuscular injection or a cold chain, with no sharps waste, is a critical innovation to making vaccines easier to administer and distribute, expanding access globally.