Micron Biomedical Appoints Brian Bernick, MD as Chairman of Its Board of Directors

August 9, 2023

ATLANTA– Micron Biomedical, a life science company developing first-in-class dissolvable microarray-based products that simplify and improve the administration, transport and storage of drugs and vaccines, today announced the appointment of drug delivery and healthcare innovation veteran, Brian Bernick, MD, as Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors.

“Dr. Brian Bernick has a long-standing record of patient-centered innovation and a unique perspective as both an internationally recognized OBGYN and an entrepreneur bringing self-administered drug delivery innovations to market,” said Steven Damon, CEO of Micron Biomedical. “As Micron accelerates efforts to commercialize our proprietary needle-free dissolvable technology, Dr. Bernick’s strong scientific background, as well as his proven ability to implement effective business and marketing strategies across numerous therapeutic areas, are a tremendous asset and complement to an already outstanding board of directors.”

Dr. Bernick previously founded TherapeuticsMD (NASDAQ TXMD), a women’s healthcare company, and was responsible for multiple Food and Drug Administration product approvals including Annovera®, the first and only patient-controlled, procedure-free, long-lasting, reversible birth control; Bijuva® and Imvexxy® for menopause-related symptoms; and vitaCare Prescription Services, the technology and services platform that helps patients navigate key access and adherence barriers for brand medications. TherapeuticsMD reached a peak market cap of $2 billion in 2015.

“Traditionally, injectable therapeutics and vaccines can be inaccessible to many patients in low to middle-income as well as high-income geographies due to access to healthcare services and patient and caregiver hesitation about needles,” said Dr. Brian Bernick, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Micron Biomedical.  “At a time of urgent need to improve the delivery of medications, I’m thrilled to contribute to Micron’s impressive efforts to disrupt infrastructure and patient preference barriers with the most advanced microarray technology of its kind, and ultimately to drastically improve the health of populations.”

Dr. Bernick has more than 25-years clinical medicine experience as well as significant business development, investor relations and capital raise experience, including a track record overseeing all facets of pharmaceutical development processes from proof-of-concept through approval and product launches.  He also holds over 70 US and foreign patents focusing on drug therapies, devices, and analysis.

Micron’s board also includes Chairman and CEO of the Global Health Investment Corporation (GHIC), Labeeb M. Abboud; drug delivery industry veteran and CEO of LTS Lohman, Bas Van Buijtenen; and Dr. Mark Praunitz, Professor, J. Erskine Love Jr. Chair in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and Director of the Center for Drug Design, Development and Delivery at Georgia Tech.

The appointment follows the company’s recent release of positive data from the first clinical trial of any microarray technology in pediatric populations.

About Micron Biomedical 
Micron Biomedical is the leader in the field of dissolvable microarray-based, drug and vaccine administration technology. Micron Biomedical is a clinical stage life science company on a rapid path to commercializing its proprietary dissolvable, microarray technology. Micron’s technology is designed to improve access and achieve better health outcomes globally through injection free, painless, and simple and/or self-administration of drugs and vaccines, and by eliminating or reducing the need for cold chain transport and storage, enhancing safety and efficacy, and improving patient compliance. Micron partners with and/or receives funding from private and public pharmaceutical and biotech companies, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)*, UNICEF, PATH and the Georgia Research Alliance.

*Involvement of the Department of Health and Human Services or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not serve as an actual or implied endorsement of the general policies, activities, or products of Micron Biomedical.

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